Everywhere a sign.

My father has indulged me in my Tolkien appreciation. Using a toy he purchased about a year ago, he created out of wood a Prancing Pony sign and a Green Dragon sign from the Lord of the Rings films. These two signs are each put together like a puzzle with one piece fitting inside the other until the entire image is complete. I do not believe the photos do them justice to how intricate and well made they are. The designs themselves are taken from the images posted around the internet, mainly from Weta workshop art and movie props from Lord of the Rings. Each sign is about 11 inches by 17 inches and looks great on our kitchen walls. 

The Prancing Pony mugs are a co-creation by my father and I. The stamp on the mug was created by my father using the same toy he used to create the signs. The stamp is made from acrylic and is itself a little work of art. Each letter is individually cut out and glued to a backing. I throw the form, trim the piece if necessary and then pull and attach the handle. I then roll out a thin piece of clay, dust it with baking powder and stamp the Prancing Pony image into the clay. I attach the stamped clay onto the mug and apply a wash of iron oxide to bring out the detail. Bisque firings and glaze firing follow and lo and behold! a mug from the Prancing Pony. Each mug hold about a pint

I am currently drinking hot tea out of the green mug as I type this.

Prancing Pony sign with mugsGreen Dragon sign with Prancing Pony Mug